Imaginative Portraits

Have you thought about having a portrait done of your kids?

Maybe you think that normal portraits can be a little boring or ordinary?

Well, have a look at these examples:


A small boy sitting and playing with toyhorses. In his mind they might transform to real horses in a green landscape.


Here is a small boy playing with cars. He just sent one on its way down this imaginative mountain road.


And here a little bigger painting. 2 Boys looking at a globe, having read a book about the solar system, imagining how it would look in the space around them.


Imagination has no limits..

If you are interested in having a portrait done in this way, let me know. I would need a good picture of your kid/kids playing with their favourite toys and I'll compose an idea for you.

About pricing:

80x60cm costs 2.500 dkkr + shipping

160x100cm costs 5.000 dkkr + shipping