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My name is Jacob Brandt-Møller. I've always been drawing and painting, but around 2004 I desided to do something about it and enrolled in my first course in an art school. Since then, I've been to numerous summer-courses in different art schools and there I tried to experiment with different expressions. When you browse through my gallery on this website, you can follow my progress through the years. My more expressionistic period, a surrealist period and lately my more naturalistic period, where I've desided to paint mainly Mongolian inspired landscape and culture paintings. You will also be able to see a section of wallpaintings/murals.

Dragon landscape wallpainting

This wallpainting I made for a friend who just got divorced and needed a cheerup for his kids.

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A painting I made of my wife

A mix of a painting in my Mongolian landscape series and showing my beautiful wife.

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Here are my paintings on exhibition. I'm always looking for new places to show my work.

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My Exhibitions

Langes Magasin - August 2008

Oticon Kunstforening - December 2012

Cobra rummet ved Sophienholm - 10-21.July 2013

Skovlunde Kulturhus - March 2014

Gallery ArtKemi - November 24th - December 5th 2014

Albertslund Golfklub - January-February 2015

Cafe Danner - March - June 2015

Sophienborg Hillerød - July & August 2015

Slangerup Bio - October - December 2015

Nets - May 2016




Starting from 250kr

Check out my gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, let me know.

Wall Paintings

200kr per hour

Want your own mural or wall painting?


From 2500kr

If you want a portrait painted at 60x80cm.

My Connections

  • My wife's website, showing her interesting articles and pictures (its in Mongolian)

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  • My fathers paintings. Here you can see where I inherited it from.

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  • I friend of mine is a true poet. Here you can go check it out (its in Danish).

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Jacob Brandt-Møller
2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Phone: (+45) 40 83 91 62

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